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簡介 Introduction

香港模具及產品科技協會(原名香港模具科技協會)成立於 2005 年 5月,為香港註冊的非牟利工商 團體。創會會員來自香港模具業中翹楚企業的領袖群,伴隨香港工業和內地改革開放事業一起成長。

創會者來自一批矢志提升香港、內地乃至世界模具科技的香港模具及產品製造業精英,期望憑藉科 技力量,並匯聚業界資源,提升中港兩地製造業的科技水平,鼓勵創意及創新,致力推動中國精密 科技的快速發展,加強中國在國際精密製造業的競爭力。

由於得到業界支持,協會由成立至今已有會員超過 300 家企業。協會理事由超過 20 位模具及產品 製造業精英組成,並得到本港知名企業家支持出任名譽主席及專業精英出任名譽顧問。

Established in May 2005, the Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association (HKMPTA), formerly known as Hong Kong Mould and Die Technology Association, is a non-profit-making association registered in Hong Kong. The founding members are prominent mould and product entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, who have grown up within the local industries and have dedicated their careers to the Chinese Economic Reform.

With lofty ideals, HKMPTA aims to upgrade the mould and product technology in Hong Kong, the mainland and the world. By virtue technology power, HKMPTA strives to enhance the technology level of Hong Kong's manufacturing and industrial sectors by promoting creativity and innovation.

With great support from the local industries, we have now amassed over 300 companies as members. The Executive Committee of the HKMPTA comprises of over 20 elites and professionals from the mould and product industries. HKMPTA also gains support from a number of local top industrialists and professionals who have taken up posts as Honorary Presidents and Honorary Advisors of the Association.

宗旨 Objectives

1. 匯聚香港和國內外模具及產品行業的力量,加強科技資訊、技術及經驗的交流,鼓勵創意及創新。

2. 協助提升香港製造業科技水平,推動香港和內地在世界製造業中的發展步伐。

1. Gather the strengths of the mould and product industries around the world to enhance the exchange of technological information, technology and experience, and to encourage creativity and innovation.

2. To enhance the technology level of local manufacturing sector, in order to impel the rapid development of the manufacturing sectors of both Hong Kong and Mainland to world-class standard.

使命 Mission

1. 加強與世界各地科技部門的交流合作,不斷引進國際先進的精密科技滿足現今工業發展的需求。

2. 致力與國內外政府機構、工貿組織建立緊密聯繫和溝通的渠道,反映業界實況,推動政策優勢和 維護業界權益。

3. 推動與上下游產業的交流合作,拓展模具及產品行業的業務發展商機。

4. 推動模具及產品業和科技研發,與各業界分享最新科研成果及資訊,致力提升行業整體水平。

5. 推動模具行業和院校結合,加強年青新一代對「經濟之母」的認同感,激勵更多年青人投身業界。

6. 組織一系列活動以提升模具及產品行業在香港及國內外的形象、專業地位,爭取更大的行業發 展空間。

1. To strengthen the cooperation with the Ministry of Science around the world and to continue introducing advanced precision manufacturing technologies in fulfilling the needs of nowadays industrial development.

2. To establish close relationship and communication channels with domestic and foreign government agencies, industry and trade organizations, so as to reflect the actual situation of the industry, promote policy advantages and safeguard the rights and interests of the industry.

3. To promote exchanges and cooperation between upstream and downstream industries to enhance the business development opportunities within the mould and product industries.

4. To drive the cooperation and integration between the industries and technology research for the application of the latest technology solutions and continual development of the industries.

5. To liaise with academic institutes for promoting the excellence of the mould and product manufacturing sector among the young generation and to encourage the youth's self esteem in devoting to the mould and product industries.

6. To organize a series of activities to promote the image and the professionalism of the mould and product industry in Hong Kong and overseas to propel further development opportunities of the sector.


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